Cédric Doumbé

10 times full contact world champion
7 times world kickboxing champion

Cédric Doumbé is training you to become the best athlete in your category, whatever your sport.

Cédric Doumbé is training you to become the best athlete in your category, whatever your sport.

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Training Plan

Discover Cedric's inspiring story: how his unwavering determination enabled him to make his vision a reality, and to become 10 times world champion.

Perfect your technique on the fundamentals of kick-boxing, and discover new combos, straight out of Cedric's experience in the ring! Enough to knock out your opponents.

In order to become the best, it is a question of physical preparation (training, diet, sleep) but also, and above all, mental preparation. And for that, Cedric will reveal all his best tips to develop a champion's mindset and achieve excellence.

What's the difference between the champions and the others? Their reaction to challenges. In this bonus, Cedric shows you how to be one of those who take up these challenges one by one, instead of wasting time lamenting their fate.

In this Storyple, Cedric reveals exclusively all the secrets that made him the best kickboxer in the world:

From the physical training : warm-up routine, training structure and the crucial importance of nutrition...

At the mental preparation : how to develop a strong mind, manage stress and bounce back from defeat

You'll discover how to perfect the fundamentals of kickboxing, but also how to mastering totally new crazy combos (Cedric never mentioned it anywhere else.) that will knock out your opponents.

What if you practice another combat sport, or even just another sport?

Cedric's advice will be just as much for you... valuable.

Far from stopping at kickboxing techniques, Cédric reveals to you all the keys to acquiring a champion's mindset :

How to face what is happening to you, how to question yourself, how to spot the mistakes you may have made and how to start a new road... That's the only way you'll achieve excellence.

In summary:
Kickboxer or not, if you want to become the best sportsman in your category, Cédric Doumbé's program is for you.

What Cedric Doumbé tells you:


Left, right, guard... Cedric shows you how to perfect all the fundamentals of kickboxing. But that's not all: Cédric also reveals exclusive secret combos from his experience: enough to surprise your opponents and beat them by KO!


What warm-up routine? How much training per week? How long for each workout? How to manage overtraining? What does a fitness workout look like? What is the ratio of training to physical preparation? How to plan a training camp? Cédric answers all these questions so that you can create a customised training programme worthy of a champion.


Food is a CRUCIAL element in the life of a champion, and Cédric discovered it at his expense... He tells you about his journey with food, explains the importance of staying at his fitness weight, and how he now organizes himself to reach this goal.


"I'm the best so may the best win." This is Cedric's motto, so he clearly states his ambition, and encourages you to do the same. And to do this, Cedric reveals all his tips and tricks to build your self-confidence and not be afraid to assert your ambitions.


Being ambitious is good. But giving yourself the means to be ambitious is better (and even indispensable). And for that you have to work, work and work again... That's the basis. But beyond that, Cédric also has a multitude of advice to give you, the same advice that made him 10 times world champion.


Defeats are almost inevitable in a sports career. They are not a problem, as long as you learn from them, identify your weaknesses, work on them and come back stronger. In his programme, Cedric gives you his best advice on how to bounce back after a defeat, the same advice he used to get revenge after a defeat to Nabiev.

No one has an easy, unchallenged life.

What's the difference between the champions and the others?

Their reaction in the face of his challenges.

As Cedric says:

Life is 1% what happens to you, and 99% how you react to it..”

In this bonus, Cedric shows you how to be one of those people who don't waste their time whining about their fate, and take up each of these challenges in order to be ever stronger..

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The Become the Best with Cédric Doumbé program allows you to..:

Only 97€ 305€

End of the offer this at midnight!


The vision and determination of Cédric Doumbé, 10 times world champion

For Cedric, there's no doubt that he will be the greatest fighter in the world.

Such assurance may come as a surprise... But if he allows himself to assert his ambition loud and clear, it's because behind it, Cedric is doing well.

And his impressive track record proves it.

How did Cedric get to this point?

Cedric was born in Douala, Cameroon. He lived his entire childhood around a big family. A loving but strict family, modest but fulfilled.

When he was 9 years old, his mother decided to take Cédric and his sister to France to offer them a better future.

A new life begins.

First mission: to integrate.

Mission rather successful, because even if Cédric remains the little "turbulent" of the class, the good grades are there, and he even skips a grade. !

But his mother was still afraid that he would turn out badly, and after 4 years in Paris, it was time to pack his bags again, heading for Angoulême. Then Avignon. And finally back to Angoulême

That's when his sports career begins...

...on a football field.

But it's not love at first sight for Cedric.

One day, he discovers a full-contact room, and there, it is the revelation.

Cedric was good, very good. Everything seemed easy for him.

He then understands that he has found one of his talents, and decides to exploit it to the fullest.

Just one shadow in the picture...

His mother doesn't condone any combat sports at all.

So Cedric wins his first fights on the sly.

Very quickly, his life as a boxer develops and he decides to go and learn from the best.

Direction the Netherlands, land of great kick-boxing champions. Then direction Brussels for 1 year.

Cedric thus travels all over Europe to become a better fighter.

The objective is now set: he wishes to become the first French Glory world champion.

It will be done at only 24 years old...in front of his mother's eyes.

Then 5 titles will follow.

But Cedric is not only good in the ring!  

Alongside his life as a sportsman, he discovered another of his talents: acting.

Cedric likes to act, he likes the theatre, he likes being behind a camera.

He appears in The Circle Game, a reality show on Netflix.

And that's not all.

It is also committed to combating violence against women.

He is also the face of the latest awareness-raising spot of La Maison des femmes.

Cédric leads a busy life, juggling training, competitions, comedy and commitment to women.

If he is able to accomplish so much, it is of course due to his capacity for work, but also, and above all, due to his mind.

He has a clear vision of what he wants, he believes more than anything else, and he gives himself the means to achieve it.

And today, in his program Become the best with Cédric Doumbé, it reveals exclusively all its secrets to develop this champion's mindset and become the best sportsman in your category.

Only 97€ 305€


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