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Sophro-ASMR - Florian Boullot
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Sophro-ASMR will bring you:


    Florian will "take you by the hand" to guide you through a soothing, comforting, relaxing and caring walk on the path to well-being.


    You will finally find a method that works for you because it is based in part on your introspection and understanding of your emotions.


    You will find happiness and fulfillment in what you do every day. Imagine yourself smiling at life, naturally having a more positive attitude, and simply feeling aligned.


    Better management of your stress, which, given the consequences we all know about it, will also positively influence your health.


    You will also learn a very effective technique for falling asleep easily.


    This method will give you all the keys to improve your quality of life at work and at home in general.

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Trainer: Florian Boullot

Florian has recently completed a course in sophrology at the prestigious CENATHO school rue la Fayette in Paris. It is during this course that he developed his own unique method of Sophro-ASMR.

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