Today, each of us is likely to be, or can become, an expert in a field. Similarly, we can all film ourselves with a telephone or a computer.

STORYPLE is a platform that brings together a large number of training courses relating to many areas such as marketing, business and personal development.

Thanks to knowledge sharing, STORYPLE allows you, as a Trainer or Participant, to boost your income and relationships.

These General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter "Terms") are intended to govern the relationship between the Platform itself, the Trainers and the Participants.

As for the processing of personal data of Trainers and Participants, it is detailed in our Privacy Policyto which he's being sent back.



1.1. The creation of an account is essential for an optimal use of the platform, in particular for the publication or purchase of a training course.

1.2. The data that the Participant enters when registering must be complete and accurate. If necessary, it is the Participant's responsibility to update this information.

1.3. Once the account has been created, it is deemed to belong exclusively to the Participant. Consequently, the Participant has full and sole responsibility for any activity, positive or negative, from his account.

Thus, STORYPLE declines all responsibility in the event that a Participant's account is closed by a third party who is not well informed while the content remains available on the platform.

1.4 In case of suspicion of account hacking, use by a third party without authorization or any other breach of security of your account, you must inform STORYPLE by contacting the Support.

1.5. Creating an account as a Trainer or Participant and, a fortioriIn order to use the full functionality of the platform, you must be at least 18 years of age at the time you set up your account.

If it turns out that an account has been opened by a minor, STORYPLE will be obliged to close the account without informing the holder.

1.6. For the publication of a training course, STORYPLE may require the Trainer to justify his identity before the publication becomes effective.

1.7. The holder of an account can delete his account at any time. For more details on the effects of deletion, please refer to the Privacy Policy.



2.1. When a Trainer wishes to publish his training on the platform, he enters into a license agreement with STORYPLE.

This agreement allows STORYPLE to disseminate the Trainer's work and possibly to embellish it, with a translation for example.

As a result of this license agreement, STORYPLE can, in turn, become Licensor and grant sub-licenses of access, to the Participants for the trainings they enroll in.

The Trainer may not, under any circumstances, grant directly to a Participant a licence or conclude an assignment concerning the same copyrights as those already granted to STORYPLE.

In such a case, in addition to constituting a breach of these Terms, this license or assignment agreement shall be null and void.

The fact that the training is free or not has no effect on the issuance of a sub-licence by STORYPLE to a Participant.

2.2 In order to allow them to use the training they have registered for, STORYPLE grants the Participants a sub-licence.

This does not allow the Participant to resell the course content in any way whatsoever, including illegally downloading the course and then distributing it on torrent sites or, more simply, exchanging account details with a buyer.

2.3. More precisely, STORYPLE grants to the Participants a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited license to access and consult the trainings and other related contents, provided that the Participant has effectively paid the totality of the required fees.

This license is issued via the platform solely for non-commercial, educational and purely personal purposes, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and subject to any reservations and/or limitations that may affect a particular course.

2.4. As a consequence of the foregoing, any use by the Participant of the training beyond that permitted by the aforementioned licence is strictly prohibited.

Without limitation, the Participant may not redistribute, reproduce, transfer, transmit, rent, broadcast, sell, modify, lend, share, edit, adapt, grant a sub-licence, create derivative works or transmit or otherwise use a training course without having first received an explicit written authorization signed by a representative of STORYPLE.



3.1. The general principle is the issue of a licence with unlimited access to training.

3.2. STORYPLE nevertheless reserves the right to revoke, any license relating to a content in the event that this content is or should be deleted because of its non-compliance with the values of STORYPLE and/or the applicable legislation.

3.3. Unlimited access to the training may become limited with regard to certain ancillary functionalities of the training.



4.1. The payment of the fees relating to the courses that Participants purchase can be made via PAYPAL or STRIPE or by debiting a credit or debit card.

In all cases, the means of payment presented by the Participant must be valid and legally authorized.

4.2. If you do not use PAYPAL or STRIPE, you authorise STORYPLE to debit your credit card or to proceed otherwise in order to ensure the effectiveness of the payment.

For the processing and management of payments, STORYPLE has recourse to third party organisations, specialised in this field, thus guaranteeing the Participants maximum security with regard to their payment data.

4.3. In the event that the payment is not actually made but that the Participant nevertheless accesses the training, he undertakes, upon receipt of a notification from STORYPLE, to pay the amount due within 30 days.

If no payment is received within this period, STORYPLE reserves the right to stop the access to the training course for which a balance remains due by the Participant.



5.1. The price of a training course is determined by the Trainer himself and STORYPLE, in consultation.

5.2. Promotional offers can be organised on the platform so that a training course can be offered at a lower price for a fixed period of time.

5.3. The price of a training course is the one mentioned on the day of payment.

5.4. All prices indicated on STORYPLE are in euros and include all taxes.



6.1. Should a Participant not be satisfied with a training course, the Participant may request either (i) reimbursement of the costs incurred or (ii) that its account be credited up to the amounts incurred.

6.2. A complaint as referred to in point 6.1. must be made within 30 days of the purchase of the training course by sending a message via the "Contact the Team" link.

Beyond this 30-day period, no refund or credit request will be taken into account.

6.3. STORYPLE has a discretionary power to proceed either to a refund or to a credit depending on the capabilities of the third party organisation which will have taken care of the processing and management of the payment.

6.4. Abusive use of this procedure to request reimbursement or credit will be sanctioned.

In this respect, STORYPLE reserves the right to block the account of the indelicate Participant.

6.5. In the event of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, no request for reimbursement or credit from the Participant causing the violation will be processed.



7.1. The platform, its name and all of its content (text, images, animations, etc.) present and future, are and will remain the exclusive property of STORYPLE.

7.2. Point 7.1. does not apply to content originating from a Trainer or Participant.

7.3. Once your account is created, you have full access to the platform and its various activities.

7.4. In order to preserve its integrity and to maintain correct and satisfactory operation STORYPLE asks all participants, Trainers and Participants to refrain from the following actions:

  • Accessing or using the platform in order to damage the functionality, the security system or any other component of STORYPLE ;


  • Disrupt or deactivate the operation of the STORYPLE by stopping one of its functionalities or by compromising its security;


  • Modify, copy or create a similar work by trying to discover the internal workings of the platform, particularly with regard to its source files.



8.1. Due to the licensing of STORYPLE by the Trainers, the published training courses continue to belong to the Trainers.

Likewise, any publication by a Participant on the platform belongs to it.

8.2. Nevertheless, by publishing on the platform, the Trainer or the Participant authorises STORYPLE to use the posted contents (such as (opinions, questions etc...)

More specifically, any Participant who publishes on or via the platform grants STORYPLE a non-exclusive license, allowing to grant sub-licenses and allowing to modify, transmit, distribute, process, reproduce, copy, adapt, display, publish, use this content through all existing but also future distribution means and/or media.

Finally, this license authorizes STORYPLE to share the content of the Participant's publication in case of association with individuals, companies, corporations or other interested parties in one of the activities referred to in the previous paragraph.

8.3. By subscribing to the present Conditions, Participants agree never to receive or claim any form of compensation for the possible uses that STORYPLE would make of their publication(s) on the platform.



9.1. In accordance with its values, STORYPLE makes its platform available to Trainers and Participants only for legal purposes.

Thus, it is required of each participant, whether a Trainer or a Participant, to behave in an appropriate, correct and courteous manner and to comply with all the legal provisions applicable in his country, of which he is deemed to have full knowledge.

9.2. If the platform finds or considers that a publication violates the applicable law or the rights of others, STORYPLE reserves the right to delete it.

STORYPLE pays particular attention to the respect of the legislation protecting copyrights.

9.3. In order to preserve its reputation, STORYPLE undertakes to ensure that the present Conditions are strictly respected and applied.

Consequently, in the event of non-compliance with these, STORYPLE reserves the possibility to apply various sanctions ranging from a simple warning to the suspension of the use of the platform or, in the most serious or repeated cases, to the blocking and deletion of the account, with or without notice.

9.4. STORYPLE declines all responsibility if any content or behaviour should be deemed inappropriate or illegal.



10.1. STORYPLE does not carry out any form of evaluation as to the quality of the contents posted by the Trainers.

The same applies to the competence of the Trainers.

10.2. Any Participant who decides to follow a training course therefore does so with full knowledge of the facts and at his own risk and peril, in particular for training courses leading to the exercise of a physical activity.

Participants voluntarily choose to participate in training and therefore assume all consequences, including the risk of physical injury, disability or death.

10.3. Participants are solely responsible for the choices and their consequences, before, during and after registering for a course.

10.4. Participants and Trainers are also solely responsible for the personal data they exchange during their interactions.

STORYPLE does not control in any way the exchanges between Trainer and Participant and, consequently, declines all responsibility in case of dispute.



11.1. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Belgian law, in particular the provisions of the Code of Economic Law.

11.2 In the event of a dispute, only the tribal councils of Brussels are competent.

11.3. The language of the procedure will be French.




12.1. The present Conditions may be updated at any time and at the sole discretion of STORYPLE.

12.2 In the event of a substantial modification, STORYPLE will inform the account holder by sending a notification on the email mentioned in the account details.

12.3. Any update shall take effect on the date of its publication, unless otherwise stated.

12.4. If the account holder continues to use STORYPLE after the update of the Conditions, he is deemed to be aware of the update and of any notification that may have been sent.

12.5. The updated version of the Terms and Conditions supersedes any previously applicable version.