Mallory Gabsi shows you how to make your aperitif in a moment
and put everyone in a good mood for the celebrations!

Mallory Gabsi

Mallory Gabsi teaches you to make your drinks a moment that will put everyone in a good mood for the holidays!

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Malou unveils the 12 recipes that we are going to prepare together as well as the products we need.

- Scallops & oysters au gratin, dill, mushroom (cooked 'au gratin')

- Raw scallops, lemon thyme, French celery, yoghurt, lemon caviar (raw cooking)

- Steamed scallops, seaweed butter, leek siphon, lime zest (steam cooking)

- Beef, sweet green pepper, shredded cheese, ras el hanout, cumin, coriander curd

- Beef roll, stracciatella, basil, sundried tomatoes, smoked fleur de sel

- Beef Tataki, Asian

- Fried quail egg with parsley sauce

- Quail egg, angel hair, anchovy, runny yolk

- Omelette tortilla, Comté cheese, spinach, garlic, fresh sage

- Zucchini au gratin with Parmesan cheese, fennel seeds, flowing heart Parmesan cheese cream

- Parmesan "nest" tile, leek fondue with cream (pepper), check the seasoning !

- 3 parmesan sauces:

  1. Arugula & Parmesan Mayonnaise
  2. Ailloli, button mushroom, parmesan cheese
  3. Pan-fried smoked bacon, red pepper, parsley (mixed with egg yolk, assembled in oil + finish with parmesan & brunoise lard)

In this Storyple,the iconic young chef of Top Chef 2020, Mallory Gabsi (Malou to his friends), invites you into his kitchen to teach you how to give your appetizer the twist which has been missing until now. You will discover how to make this often neglected part of the meal (don't deny it, it's time to change from crisps, slices of dried sausage and cheese cubes), The moment that will put everyone in a good mood and set the tone for the rest of the menu.

In addition to teaching you the fundamentals of successful appetizers, Mallory will teach you how to express creativity in the kitchen (you may surprise yourself). With him, you will discover 4 ingredients in 3 recipes each, enough to allow you maximum diversity and satisfy the most demanding of palates. After that, you will never want to go and get ready-made aperitifs from the frozen section again.

Mallory Gabsi

Breathe the joy of life

What Mallory Gabsi will teach you:



An often overlooked part of mealtimes, it's a great way to start off with a bang! Thanks to Mallory, you will master all the basics needed to make successful aperitifs!


choice of ingredients

Scallops, beef, egg and parmesan cheese on the menu (among others). Mallory will explain in detail the essential criteria for selecting your food in the right way.



From the raw ingredient to the moment you're going to serve it, the path can be perilous... Rest assured the young chef is there to teach you his tricks and make this step a breeze!



A stage dreaded by many, the cooking of food... It will reveal all the flavour of the products. Once again, Mallory will share with you all the tricks of his trade.



To make your guests travel and delight them, whatever their tastes, diversity will be the order of the day. With 6 ingredients prepared in 3 different ways, you'll have 12 new recipes to add to your cooking arsenal!



If your appetizers, no matter how good, look like porridge on the plate, they will be less appetizing straight away... The chef will teach you how to make your preparations look their best (I promise your guests will still dare to taste them).

- Join the wonder boy cook in the kitchen
- Learn while sharing a moment of complicity with Mallory Gabsi
- Delight the finest gourmets among your relatives and guests
- Make your festive aperitifs genuine explosions of flavour
- Enjoy a video game learning experience
- Available for life 24/7

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Mallory Gabsi, the kitchen whiz kid the media's been raving about...

Mallory "Malou" Gabsi, even as a child, was often in the kitchen with his grandparents helping to prepare the family couscous.

Naturally, once in school, he turned to a specialized training in cooking. First was two years at the Spermalia Hotel and Tourism School in Bruges, then five years at the Free Technical Institute in Leuven. He completed internships at Nuance (two Michelin stars) and at the Ecailler du Palais Royal (two chef's hats in Gault and Millau).


Continuing his career, in November 2014, he won the Benelux "Jeunes Talents Disciples d'Auguste Escoffier" competition. Then in March 2015, he was a finalist in the Cooking Cup for Young Restauranteurs of Europe.

From 2015 to 2017, he worked with chef Yves Mattagne at the Sea Grill in Brussels (two Michelin stars) where he became chef de partie. He then moved to the Flemish region to work at the Hertog Jan, one of the two triple star restaurants in Belgium.
At the end of 2018, Mallory returned to Brussels to work at the Sea Grill...

At M6, those in charge of selecting candidates for Top Chef 2020 had to prove to him that they really wanted him to come, since they went over it three times. Contacted for the first time when he was 17, he declined the proposal (it must be said that Chef Philippe Etchebest impressed him a lot)...

He was contacted again in 2018 and again in 2019. When production called the Sea Grill to look for candidates, it was the restaurant's pastry chef who nominated Mallory. He was called back two days later and finally accepted, so his parents could see how he works in the kitchen.

He was noticed from his first event with a mackerel dish, a favourite of three-star chef Christopher Coutanceau. He then won several victories in pairs with the starred chef David Gallienne or individually.
After an exceptional run, he narrowly failed to qualify in a very tight semi-final.

In July 2020, a few weeks after the end of Top Chef, he opened the pop up chip shop 140°C Street20 in Paris with Adrien Cachot (in reference to the restaurant they had created together for the restaurant war). Victims of their success, they had to close down prematurely in order not to concentrate too many people in the same place in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic!

Since then, "Malou" has continued on his way and has undertaken a series of restaurant projects for the pleasure of fine gourmets or, quite simply, for those who want to eat well without any hassle...

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