In Séan Garnier’s shoes

Sean Garnier wants to teach you how to overcome technical constraints, stand out from the crowd and make a buzz on social networks...

No matter your current ability...

In Séan Garnier’s shoes

Sean Garnier wants to teach you how to overcome technical constraints, stand out from the crowd and make a buzz on social networks...

No matter your current ability...

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Content of the training

Séan's story like you've never heard it before: 

You will be able to draw inspiration from his successes, but also from his failures, frustrations, and especially all the little details that have made the difference, so you too can create the life you dream of. 

Sean teaches you the basics so you can master the crazy technical gestures that will impress everyone.

Sean teaches you the art of building bridges. The future king of panna is you! 

Sean shows you how to dribble and put your opponents in danger to win all your street football games.

Sean will tell you all his secrets so you can make a name for yourself on Youtube and Instagram, and create a fan community, while living your passion.

In this Storyple, Séan reveals exclusively to you all the secrets behind his spectacular success:

From his exceptional ball control to his strategies for making a name for himself on social media networks

To his method for creating a fan community and his plan for living his passion.

You will discover how to perfect the basic gestures and learn how to perform technical gestures that will impress everyone around you.

Séan will show you exactly how to stand out from the crowd and how to make a name on Instagram and YouTube.

And yes, even though no one's ever heard of you or you're still a beginner...

And yes, even though no one's ever heard of you or you're still a beginner...

If you really want to live your passion, Séan will also reveal to you his strategies for making money and signing contracts with major brands such as Red Bull..

What if your dream is to be a football player?

Séan's advice will help you become a much more technical and attractive player, which will increase your chances of being spotted.

In summary:
Beginner or advanced, freestyler or football player, the STAR BALL program is designed for you.

What Sean Garnier will teach you:



Around the world, Eclipse... in addition to helping you perfect the basics, Séan also reveals all his best tips for mastering technical gestures that nobody knows how to do, not even Ronaldinho!



The ultimate soccer weapon! Taking a little bridge is humiliating. But thanks to Sean, it's not going to happen to you anymore. If you follow and apply his advice to the letter, you'll be able to build bridges for anyone, from your friends to the biggest stars of the game (and the proof is in the pudding)!


street football

Séan shows you how to dribble like a pro and endanger opponents in front of you to stand out and become the new star of street football matches.


create your avatar

Physical particularity, signature gesture, nickname... Your character is what will make you unique and allow people to recognize you directly, especially at the beginning when you are not known. This is one of the most important keys behind Séan's impressive success.

viral (1)


When a video makes the buzz, it's certainly not random. And Sean's got that part down. Séan has cracked the codes of social networks and their algorithms, and he reveals everything to you so that you too can become known, whether on Youtube or Instagram.

money (2)

make money

How do you monetize your audience? How do you make money from your notoriety? How do you get contracts with big brands like Red Bull? Séan gives concrete and straightforward answers to all these questions so that you too can live your passion or freestyle if you want to.

Mehdi Amri: Belgian street football star
and partner of Séan on STAR BALL

Mehdi Amri : Belgian street football star and partner of Séan on STAR BALL

If you've been following Sean, you'll probably know he got injured. So he wasn't able to shoot his regular technical skills videos.

So Séan called upon the one he considers one of the best next generation freestylers, Mehdi Amri.

At just 18, Mehdi has almost 200,000 subscribers on Instagramand is already living his passion in street football..

Most importantly, he already has an impressive track record: triple Belgian champion, and world panna champion!

Mehdi is living proof that YES, you toocan become famous and live your passion.

Mehdi is living proof that YES, you toocan become famous and live your passion.

As Séan would say: "There is no such thing as luck.”

Whatever your age or level, you have the ability.

It's all about work and will.

And if you're ready to kick ass more than anyone else, Sean gives you the exact plan to achieve the same results as Mehdi, or even Sean himself, in the STAR BALL program..

BONUS: Boost your motivation thanks to Séan's story!

Bonus: Boost your motivation, thanks to Séan's story!

In this bonus, Sean tells you his story like you've never heard it before: 

His successes, but also his failures, his bets, his frustrations, and above all, all the little details that have made a difference

Because nothing happens by chance

Sean worked hard and you'll find out how he knew how to seize every opportunity to get to where he is today (especially when he managed to meet Neymar)..

This bonus is an opportunity to inspire you to get a better understanding of the person you want to beand find the necessary motivation to get there.

With STAR BALL you'll be able to:

With STAR BALL you'll be able to:

- Learn alongside the freestyle world championlike Séan Garnier
- Master crazy moves that's gonna leave your buddies speechless
- Stand out from the crowd and be unique, whether it's in the field, in real life or on the networks...
- Become known on Instagram and Youtubeand create a fan community that are following you
- Earn money, thanks to your notoriety and live your passion for freestyle.
- Access content for life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Introductory offer

(Offer valid until Sunday, February 21)

From a broken dream to a freestyle world champion

Ever since he was a child, Séan dreamed of becoming a professional footballer.

And he had a good start!

When he was just 12 years old, he signed with the very prestigious training centre in Auxerreand Troyes a little later.

For 5 years, Séan trained with the pros.

He was almost at the top of his game.

His dream was coming true...

But that was without considering the fear of any top sportsman: injuries.

Following several injuries, Séan was forced to stop his professional training.

Séan then decides to graduate to become a coach, while continuing to play football for fun.

In 2005, he participated in a neighbourhood tournament, without any idea that this tournament would change the course of his life...

This tournament, which he won, qualified him for a national tournament, which he also won.

But what really turned his career around wasn't so much that victory but what happened right afterwards...

Séan was asked to make a few technical gestures, and in less than two minutes, all eyes and cameras were on him.

Séan had never been more in the spotlight, and that's when he had an epiphany: he understood that it was possible to play off the field.

Séan has always been a fan of football, above all of the technique.

(It's not for nothing that his favourite players are Maradona, Zidane and Ronaldinho).

So he saw this as a unique opportunity to use his ball to reach as many people as possible, in a different way.

So Séan started contacting events and going to places where there were street shows in Paris.

And over time, he realised that his dream was not to be a footballer, it was to communicate with people.

Being a shy person, doing the show with his ball was a way out for him.

Séan is not the type to rest on his laurels.

He, therefore, sought to learn from all forms of football (street football, freestyle, futsal, 1-on-1), and from all forms of urban expression (especially dance).

That's how he was able to create his own style.

Séan continued to perfect his craft, until, 3 years later, he became the first freestyle world champion.

That title propelled him to become a Red Bull athlete, which allowed him to travel extensively and make a name for himself.

In 2011, he manages to meet Neymar and play a 1-on-1 game with him.

The video gets more than 100 million hits on Youtube.

In 2014, he makes a video in which he disguises himself as an old man, and surprises everyone with a series of crazy technical gestures on the field.

This video is a real buzz (more than 150 million views) and launched his career as a network influencer and content creator.

Today, Sean has over 4.4 million followers on Instagram, 3.1 million on Youtube, and, above all, an impressive track record:

- Double Freestyle World Champion
- Triple French freestyle champion
- Double French futsal champion
- 1 vs. 1 runner-up world champion
- 1 against 1 French champion

In summary: the inspiring journey of a young man's unwavering determinationwho's always been able to adapt and take every opportunity that offered him the chance to live his passion...

And today, In STAR BALL, Séan reveals to you all the secrets behind his success so that you too can create the life you dream about..

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