Wolf's Bar

The Wolf's Bar will give you their secrets to
live the life of your dreams!

Wolf's Bar

The Wolf's Bar will give you their secrets to
live the life of your dreams!

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In this Storyple, the Wolf's Bar will take you to their world! The world where they have succeeded in transforming a totally unknown street discipline into a world-renowned artistic discipline. But above all, they will explain how to create a brand, a symbol, a trend, a community from a simple band name...

You will leave this training course with an incredible motivation, exclusive and unique advice from six world-renowned champions who will help you make your dreams come true and develop your business!

Program Plan

  1. The power of the group - Creation of Wolf's Bar
  2. Gaining self-confidence
  3. How to professionalize the group?
  4. How to become visible and popular?
  5. The contribution of Wolf's Bar in the lives of its members
  6. Conclusion : Each Wolf sums up his best advice to you
  7. Bonus: Wolf's Coaching for a custom-made body

Wolf's Bar


What Wolf's Bar will get you:



Thanks to the personal journeys of each of the members of Wolf's Bar, you will learn all their secrets and discover their daily actions to stay motivated and stay on course for success!


Networking and Celebrity

One of the key factors for success: the network! Whatever your field, having a good network will allow you to evolve faster and get many opportunities! The six "wolves" explain this to you!



Another key ingredient: community! Building their own community has allowed the group to evolve considerably. You will learn to do the same.


health practices

Sport not only brings a muscular and athletic body but also works your mind! This training will also show you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to have a champion mind and an entrepreneurial mindset!



A fulfilled life is a life with meaning. The Wolf's don't claim to have discovered the ultimate meaning of life, but they will share with you how they did it and how you too can be fully fulfilled!


trust in you

Trust is what every member of Wolf's Bar lacked. But sport has changed all that. Sport and entrepreneurship have allowed them to rise up and gain confidence! Being confident is being sure to succeed already!

- Their history in detail
- Behind the scenes of their successes, and their difficulties
- Discover what drives you and create your life tailored to your needs
- Virtual Educational Experience on video
- 3 video coaching sessions on the side
- Available for life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Immediate access to video content

From the streets of Brussels to the TF1 studios

Federico, Junior, Malik, Manzul, Marvin and Thibault. Six young people from Brussels, sharing the same passion for street workout, met for the same, unique mission: to change their lives and finally live from their passion!

Eager to share their ambitions and inspire as many people as possible, on September 21, 2014, on a whim, they decided to do a completely improvised show in the Rue Neuve in Brussels.

What a show! What a welcome! People loved it! It was a first in Belgium! A short raw video of the show was published on the networks; 100 000 views in a few days! They didn't realize it, but their adventure had started that day! Wolf's Bar was born, Wolf's Bar was ready to take off!

From that day on, they vowed to continue their odyssey together. "No one in, no one out!" The six "wolves" directly understood that to achieve success, a strategy of "conquest" had to be put in place!

Nothing could stop them! After school or work, the six athletes would meet and train hard in the dark and cold of winter nights! Their efforts and determination paid off: they made it to the semi-finals of the Belgian TV show Belgium's Got Talent, a goal they had been aiming for for a long time! This participation opened doors for them in the showbiz world and ignited their success and the beginning of their notoriety!

After that, they have been on TV shows like VTEP on TF1 but they have also done shows for big brands like BMW and Canon! The image they presented on social networks and their professionalism allowed them to travel all over the world thanks to the shows they were offering! Las Vegas was the most rewarding trip since they were called back there two years in a row by NBC for the show America's Got Talent!

Today they continue to live from their passion and pass on their love for sport and entrepreneurship. Two members of the group have been offered their own sports TV show by the Belgian national channel! Seven street workout parks have been created thanks to the Wolf's Bar initiative. Today, these parks welcome a lot of sportsmen and women. The Wolf's Bar have succeeded in motivating and positively influencing several hundred thousand young people in Belgium!

In short, an inspiring adventure which, we are convinced, will inspire you in turn and give you that "pep", that energy, that strength, that mind to go beyond and surpass yourself!

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Immediate access to video content