Yves Mattagne teaches you how to cook and accompany the
salmon to perfection to impress your guests...

Yves Mattagne

Yves Mattagne teaches you how to cook and accompany the salmon to perfection to impress your guests.

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In sessions 2 and 3, you will learn how to release all the tensions you are accumulating and finally unload the burden you have forgotten to carry. And on the other hand to create an impenetrable bubble of inner peace in which you can always feel calm and serene.


1. Karate

2. The rag doll


Relaxation: Cleansing under purifying rain

In this Storyple, the great chef Yves Mattagne (2 stars in the Michelin guide) invites you in front of his stoves to teach you all the secrets of preparing a flagship product of the festive season... Salmon.
You will discover how to make this seemingly simple product into an exceptional dish that will leave your guests speechless (if they don't ask you for the recipe at the first bite, it's because they are jealous).

In addition to mastering all types of salmon cooking (you will be surprised by the last one) you will also discover how to accompany it to perfection. Chef Mattagne will not only teach you how to send your loved ones' taste buds to 7th heaven, but also how to show them off with presentations worthy of starred restaurants. All this through 10 delicious recipes with salmon as the central element.

Yves Mattagne

Double starred chef at Michelin guide

What Yves Mattagne will teach you:



Red, royal, or silvery, these fish are able to find their way back across the oceans and up rivers and waterfalls. It is also an exceptional product (if you choose it well) that you can get at an affordable price.


choice of ingredients

As you know, a good product is important, and salmon is no exception. Between the steak, the loin, the back, the escalope, or the fillet, choosing the right piece can be a difficult exercise. The chef will give you all his good advice so that you don't make any more mistakes.



Now that you know your product and have chosen it like a pro according to your recipe, how do you prepare and cut it in the right way before you start cooking? This is a crucial step that can make the difference on the final result.



The chef will teach you the basics of cooking and raw preparations of this magnificent and special product. These principles will of course be applicable to other products, which will sharpen your technical skills and your mastery of the basics in the kitchen.



Of course, it is better to be alone than badly accompanied, but when you are well accompanied the result can really be exceptional. This is also true in the kitchen. Yves will teach you how to accompany salmon to make an unforgettable dish.



The finishing touch! You eat with your eyes first. Chef Mattagne will make you a true artist capable of showcasing his products and whose creations will delight your guests before they even taste them.

- Enter the chef's kitchen and learn the salmon preparation in 10 exclusive recipes ;
Be guided by him and benefit from a proximity to him that you won't find anywhere else;
- Make your party meals
(and others as well) real culinary successes;
- Amaze the finest gourmets
among your guests;
- Enjoy a videogame educational experience ;
- Available for life 24/7.

Immediate access to video content

From a passionate young cook to a world-renowned chef.

It was at the age of 8, during his summer holidays spent at his aunt's (who runs a hotel-restaurant on the coast) that young Yves Mattagne found his vocation...
It was there that he discovered the restaurant business, and the kitchen in particular, by preparing breakfast for guests.

By the age of 15, he was already preparing the lobster beautifully when guests visited his parents. In his spare time, he immersed himself in cookery books (which was what he always asked for on his birthday).

Before he was 16 years old, the exceptionally talented young man, supported by his family, already knew the path he wanted to follow, that of cooking and gastronomy.

He started with a year's apprenticeship in the restaurant "le Provençal". It was there that he learned, the hard way, all the classics of the kitchen (getting up at 2:30 am to go to the market, and then from 6:00 am in the kitchen). After a second restaurant, where he discovered that he could go further thanks to the creative side of cooking (the Hostellerie la Falise de Baisy-Thy), he had to do military service, still compulsory in Belgium at the time (Yves was in the navy). It was then that the chef really started his career at the Hilton Brussels, gradually evolving. He also worked at the Gatwick Hilton and London Park Lane, two sumptuous palaces.

The chef then met his mentor, Jacques Le Divellec, one of the best French chefs of the time, who welcomed him for a year in his restaurant. It was Chef Le Divellec who passed on his passion for seafood cuisine to him. This was followed by 6 months at Michel Beyls' restaurant "l'Orangeraie" (two macaroons), and then the long-awaited opening of his first restaurant, the Sea Grill.

And from the first year it was a success, and... a first star in the Michelin guide. A few years later, after having emancipated himself, Yves and his team won the second one. The chef is very grateful to his loyal and talented team, without whom none of this would be possible.

The chef has always made it a point of honour to offer only the best produce to his customers (whether they are everyday items or more noble ingredients), and above all to refine them in his kitchen without damaging them by overworking them. That is his art...

He travels a lot. From Bordeaux to Berlin via Chicago, Beijing, or Crete, he has opened and still opens restaurants all over the world. It is the flavours of his travels, which he brings to his cuisine, that give him his exceptional and characteristic richness.

He also provides consultancy for the greatest restaurants, events or festivals and collaborates with major food brands for the pleasure of all.

He also explores new concepts such as the "Art Club", a pop-up restaurant. His new restaurant "La Villa Lorraine by Yves Mattagne" will be opening soon. The chef is waiting for you in this Storyple, where he will teach you how to cook and accompany salmon to perfection to amaze your guests!

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